HP Scanjet 4200cxi Scanner ScanJet 4200C/­Cse/­Cxi Patch driver download free (ver. N/­A)

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ScanJet 4200C/­Cse/­Cxi Patch (ver. N/­A) ZIP released 1999.10.28.

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Category Scanners
Brand HP
Device Scanjet 4200cxi Scanner
Operating Systems Windows 98
Version N/­A
File size 124 Kb
File type ZIP
Released 1999.10.28
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ScanJet 4200C/­Cse/­Cxi Patch driver for HP Scanjet 4200cxi Scanner Type: Utility HP Patch For The HP ScanJet 4200c Series for the WinFax Printer in HP Copy UtilityThis patch updates the HP Copy Utility software which shipped with the HP ScanJet 4200c series scanner.­ It adds support for setting the WinFax printer option in the HP Copy Utility destination to WinFax Pro 9.­0.­ Manual Installation Instructions: Choose the file you want to download to your system.­ With your mouse,­ click on the file.­ You will now be prompted to select the folder (subdirectory) where the download will be placed on your hard disk.­ (Example: If you wanted to download to your C:TEMP you would select that folder from the list of folders in the download "Save As" screen.­) Now open the C:Temp folder (if that was your selected folder),­ and double-click on the file you downloaded.­ This file will decompress into a default folder c:sj448fax,­ or any folder of your choice.­ You will find the SETUP.­EXE file in the c:sj448fax folder,­ or the folder that you chose.­ Double-click the SETUP.­EXE file to activate the software installation.­

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