HP Compaq tc4200 Tablet PC ADI SoundMAX Audio driver download free (ver. 5.­12.­01.­5250)

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ADI SoundMAX Audio (ver. 5.­12.­01.­5250) INSTALLSHIELD released 2005.03.28.

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Category Tablets
Brand HP
Device Compaq tc4200 Tablet PC
Operating Systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP 64-bit
Version 5.­12.­01.­5250
File size 8.16 Mb
Released 2005.03.28
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ADI SoundMAX Audio Driver for HP Compaq tc4200 Tablet PC This package contains the Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP audio driver for ADI SoundMAX host-based audio CODECs installed in the listed notebook models.­ Compatible devices: EA503PA,­ EA533PA,­ EA534PA,­ EA543PA,­ EA550PA,­ EA554PA,­ EA770PC,­ EA771PC,­ EB417US,­ EB450US,­ EB453US,­ EB500US,­ EB513US,­ EB579US,­ EB581US,­ EC126LA,­ EC127LA,­ ED416LA,­ ED911UC,­ ED923UC,­ EE074PA,­ EE079PA,­ EE153PA,­ EE160PA,­ EF447US,­ EF481US,­ EF558US,­ EF571US,­ EF572US,­ EF585US,­ EF642US,­ EF661US,­ EF694US,­ EF695US,­ EF728US,­ EF743US,­ EF759US,­ EF793US,­ EF866PA,­ EF904PA,­ EF913PA,­ EF949PA,­ EF950PA,­ EF961PA,­ EG376UC,­ EG418UC,­ EG820UC,­ EG860UC,­ EH137UC,­ EH265PA,­ EH286PA,­ EH312PA,­ EH318PA,­ EH342PA,­ EH343PA,­ EH367LA,­ EH395UC,­ EH427UC,­ EH506UC,­ EH619UC,­ EJ053UC,­ EJ912PA,­ EJ936PA,­ EJ940PA,­ EK067ES,­ EK163ES,­ EK531UC,­ EK743AW,­ EK744AA,­ EL231UC,­ EL253UC,­ EL271UC,­ EL274UC,­ EL620UC,­ EL621UC,­ EL730US,­ EL734US,­ EL749US,­ EL837US,­ EL901US,­ EL923US,­ EM375PA,­ EM376PA,­ EM377PA,­ EM378PA,­ EM385PA,­ EM408PA,­ EM424PA,­ EN196UR,­ EP886UC,­ EQ059UC,­ EQ072UC,­ EQ080EP,­ EQ125US,­ EQ187US,­ EQ205US,­ EQ243US,­ EQ244US,­ EQ247US,­ EQ248US,­ EQ249US,­ EQ250US,­ EQ287US,­ EQ312US,­ EQ345US,­ EQ363US,­ EQ372US,­ EQ373US,­ EQ382US,­ EQ528PC,­ ER317UC,­ ER580PA,­ ER611PA,­ ER752EP,­ ES232UC,­ ES374UC,­ ES491EA,­ ES491ES,­ ES585ES,­ ET064UC,­ EU046UC,­ EU112LA,­ EU739US,­ EU832US,­ EU950US,­ EU992US,­ EV007US,­ EV279UC,­ EV348UC,­ EW325UC,­ EW573UC,­ EW996EP,­ EX011UC,­ EX127UC,­ EX161UC,­ EX640UC,­ EX718PA,­ EX849UC,­ EY092UC,­ EY093UC,­ EY242ES,­ EY651UC,­ EY705UC,­ EY718EC,­ EY768UC,­ EZ330UC,­ EZ781UC,­ EZ977US,­ PU467US,­ PV211PA,­ PV984AW,­ PV984ET,­ PV985AA,­ PY301AA,­ PY354AA,­ PY433EA,­ PY776PA,­ PY777PA,­ PY783PA,­ PY786PA,­ PY787PA,­ PY797PA,­ PY802PA,­ PY803PA,­ PY804PA,­ PY805PA,­ PY826PA,­ PY827PA,­ PY828PA,­ PZ226UA,­ PZ327UA,­ PZ391UA,­ PZ392UA,­ PZ393UA,­ PZ394UA,­ PZ395UA,­ PZ396UA,­ PZ397UA,­ PZ398UA,­ PZ399UA,­ PZ400UA,­ PZ401UA,­ PZ402UA,­ PZ403UA,­ PZ404UA,­ PZ405UA,­ PZ406UA,­ PZ407UA,­ PZ408UA,­ PZ409UA,­ PZ410UA,­ PZ411UA,­ PZ412UA,­ PZ413UA,­ PZ414UA,­ PZ818UA,­ PZ819UA,­ PZ820UA,­ PZ821UA,­ PZ822UA,­ PZ823UA,­ PZ824UA,­ PZ825UA,­ PZ826UA,­ PZ827UA,­ PZ828UA,­ PZ829UA,­ PZ876UA,­ PZ882UA,­ PZ884UA,­ PZ890UA,­ RA049US,­ RA066US,­ RA093US,­ RA095US,­ RA100US,­ RA102US,­ RA250UC,­ RA388UC,­ RA506UC,­ RB531UA,­ RB566UC,­ RB826UC,­ RC215UC,­ RC730UC,­ RD337UC,­ RD340UP,­ RD695UC,­ RD824UC,­ RE218EC,­ RE239UC,­ RE621UC,­ RE662US,­ RJ315UC,­ RJ324UC,­ RJ667UC,­ RK286UP,­ RR640PA

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