HP ProBook 5310m Intel PROSet Extensions driver download free (ver. 13.­2)

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Intel PROSet Extensions (ver. 13.­2) INSTALLSHIELD released 2010.04.22.

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Category Notebooks
Brand HP
Device ProBook 5310m
Operating Systems Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit
Version 13.­2
File size 111.48 Mb
Released 2010.04.22
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Intel PROSet Extensions driver for HP ProBook 5310m This package contains the Intel PROSet Extensions for the supported notebooks,­ adapters,­ and operating systems.­ Intel PROSet includes wireless LAN extensions that add support for Cisco Compatible Extensions.­ Compatible devices: BJ907US,­ BK965US,­ BL336US,­ BM555US,­ BN011US,­ DUMHPP5310MPRE,­ SH565UP,­ SH569UP,­ VP069AA,­ VP070AA,­ VP071AA,­ VP072AA,­ VP073AA,­ VQ084PA,­ VQ087PA,­ VQ088PA,­ VQ089PA,­ VQ097PA,­ VQ098PA,­ VQ464EA,­ VQ465EA,­ VQ466EA,­ VQ467EA,­ VQ468EA,­ VQ468ET,­ VQ469EA,­ VQ469ET,­ VQ470EA,­ VQ470ET,­ VQ471EA,­ VQ472EA,­ VQ473EA,­ VQ474EA,­ VQ582ES,­ VQ600ES,­ VT198PA,­ VT214PA,­ VT220PA,­ VV082AA,­ VV083AA,­ VW329PA,­ VZ156PA,­ VZ157PA,­ VZ158PA,­ VZ159PA,­ VZ160PA,­ VZ161PA,­ VZ191PA,­ VZ192PA,­ VZ201PA,­ VZ202PA,­ VZ203PA,­ VZ204PA,­ VZ205PA,­ VZ206PA,­ VZ556AA,­ VZ557AA,­ VZ558AA,­ VZ559AA,­ VZ560AA,­ WB222PA,­ WB223PA,­ WB255PA,­ WB272PA,­ WB273PA,­ WB274PA,­ WB297PA,­ WB313PA,­ WB314PA,­ WC607PA,­ WC624PA,­ WC625PA,­ WC634PA,­ WC635PA,­ WD788EA,­ WD789EA,­ WD790EA,­ WD791EA,­ WD792EA,­ WD793EA,­ WF057PA,­ WG534PA,­ WH429PA,­ WH430PA,­ WH435PA,­ WH436PA,­ WH441PA,­ WH442PA,­ WP370PA,­ WP373PA,­ WP454PA,­ WP457PA,­ WP458PA,­ WQ949PA,­ WQ950PA,­ WQ951PA,­ WQ952PA,­ WQ953PA,­ WQ972PA,­ WS928ES,­ WT721PA,­ WT722PA,­ WW341PA,­ XB753PA,­ XB754PA,­ XB755PA

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