HP 410 Digital Copier Digital Copier 410 Print Solution driver download free (ver. 1.­1.­0)

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Digital Copier 410 Print Solution (ver. 1.­1.­0) MICROSOFT CAB SELF-EXTRACTING released 2003.06.04.

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Category Copiers
Brand HP
Device 410 Digital Copier
Operating Systems Windows 2000
Version 1.­1.­0
File size 10.76 Mb
Released 2003.06.04
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Digital Copier 410 Print Driver Solution for HP 410 Digital Copier Type: Driver - Product Installation Software Before installing the software When installing on Windows 2000,­ make sure that you use a login with administrative privileges to log onto the system.­ Close any programs that may have launched at startup,­ such as faxing and antivirus software.­ Failure to disable active antivirus software may result in a corrupt or incomplete installation.­ Antivirus software usually places an icon next to the time; right-click this icon to bring up a menu that may allow the antivirus software to be shut down or disabled.­ Check with the PC manufacturer for any required BIOS or system updates.­ Installing the software in Windows 2000 Download the self-extracting driver file from the web.­ Double-click on the self-extracting web package to start the extracting process.­ At the prompt "Save files in folder:" enter a directory name to extract the files to,­ or select the "change" button to select a folder on the system to expanded the files to or just select [Next] to accept the default directory.­ Make a note of what directory the extracted files were placed in.­ Select [Finish] on the dialog that appears when the files have been successfully extracted.­ Complete the hardware setup for your HP Digital Copier Printer 410.­ Plug in the power cord and turn on the copier.­ Use the USB cable that came with your copier to connect the copier to your computer.­ The computer detects the new hardware and searches for drivers.­ After a few minutes the "Found New Hardware Wizard" appears.­ Click Next.­ Select Search for a suitable driver for my device,­ and then click "Next".­ Note that the Wizard may identify the copier by name,­ or it may identify the device as "Unknown".­ This does not affect the success of the installation.­ Uncheck "Floppy disk drives" and "CD-ROM drive".­ Check "Specify a location",­ click "Next".­ Click the "Browse" button when Windows ask you to insert the manufacturer's installation disk.­ It will default to the system32 folder with a file name of "hardware.­inf".­ Select the down arrow for the "look in:" folder location.­ Click the default drive you installed the HP Digital Copier Printer 410 files to.­ Locate the folder you installed the HP Digital Copier Printer 410 files to and double click on it.­ When you double clicked it will say "hpf4100p.­inf" in the "file name:" area.­ Click "Open" then click "OK".­ It should now say "Windows found a driver for this device",­ click "Next".­ The system will copies some additional files.­ Click Finish.­ The system copies some additional files and the printer icon appears in the system tray.­ A printer icon also appears in the Printer folder (accessible by clicking Start,­ then Settings.­) Uninstalling (or removing) the software installed from a Webpack Turn off the printer and disconnect the cable from your computer.­ Locate the HP Digital Copier 410 Folder or the folder you extracted the files to.­ Click on the folder to view the files.­ Locate a batch file called "uninstall_­dc410".­ Double-click the uninstall_­dc410.­bat file.­ A DOS window will appear showing the commands of the uninstaller.­ Wait till a new dialog box to appear called "System Settings Change",­ click Yes to restart your computer.­ After the system has restarted,­ you can delete the HP Digital Copier 410 folder.­

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