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HP Compaq Presario 2175AE (ver. 1.­00 Rev.­ D) MSZIP released 2003.04.25.

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Category Notebooks
Brand HP
Device Compaq Presario 2175AE
Operating Systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Version 1.­00 Rev.­ D
File size 898 Kb
File type MSZIP
Released 2003.04.25
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Notebooks One-Touch Buttons Support Software for HP Compaq Presario 2175AE Type: Driver - Keyboard,­ Mouse and Input Devices summary of JavaScript functions on this page TITLE: Notebooks One-Touch Buttons Support Software VERSION: 1.­00 Rev.­ D DESCRIPTION: This allows customers to program the One-Touch buttons on the keyboard of the notebook models below or use the default settings.­ The buttons can start any application or open a document or Web site.­ PURPOSE: Routine Release SOFTPAQ NUMBER: SP23614 SUPERSEDES: SP23331 EFFECTIVE DATE: April 25,­ 2003 CATEGORY: Input Devices SSM SUPPORTED: NoPRODUCT TYPE(S)Notebooks PRODUCT MODEL(S): Evo N1050vHP Compaq nx9000HP Compaq nx9005HP Compaq nx9010Presario 2103AP,­ 2105CA,­ 2105US,­ 2106US,­ 2108EA,­ 2109AP,­ 2109EA,­ 2110CA,­2110US,­ 2111EA,­ 2113AP,­ 2117EA,­ 2118EA,­ 2119EA,­ 2120EA,­ 2120LA,­ 2120US,­ 2123AP,­2124AC,­ 2125AC,­ 2126AC,­ 2127AC,­ 2128AC,­ 2130AC,­ 2130EA,­ 2131AC,­ 2131EA,­ 2132AC,­2132RS,­ 2133AC,­ 2133AP,­ 2135AC,­ 2135CA,­ 2136AC,­ 2136RSH,­ 2137AC,­ 2138AC,­ 2138EA,­2140CA,­ 2140US,­ 2141EA,­ 2142EA,­ 2143AP,­ 2144EA,­ 2145CA,­ 2145US,­ 2148EA,­ 2151EA,­2154EA,­ 2155US,­ 2156EA,­ 2158EA,­ 2160EA,­ 2162EA,­ 2100AP,­ 2100CA,­ 2100LA,­ 2100US,­2101AP,­ 2101US,­ 2102AP,­ 2102EA,­ 2102US,­ 2103EA,­ 2104AP,­ 2105AP,­ 2105EA,­ 2105LA,­2106AP,­ 2106EA,­ 2107AP,­ 2107EA,­ 2108AP,­ 2110AP,­ 2110EA,­ 2110LA,­ 2111AP,­ 2111LA,­2112AP,­ 2112EA,­ 2114AP,­ 2114EA,­ 2115AP,­ 2115EA,­ 2116AP,­ 2117AP,­ 2118AD,­ 2119AD,­2120AD,­ 2120AP,­ 2122AD,­ 2123AD,­ 2124AD,­ 2125AD,­ 2125AP,­ 2125EA,­ 2126AD,­ 2126EA,­2127AD,­ 2127EA,­ 2127EA,­ 2128AD,­ 2128EA,­ 2129AD,­ 2129EA,­ 2130AD,­ 2130AP,­ 2131AD,­2132EA,­ 2133AD,­ 2133EA,­ 2134AD,­ 2134EA,­ 2135AD,­ 2135AP,­ 2135EA,­ 2135US,­ 2136AD,­2136EA,­ 2137AD,­ 2137EA,­ 2138AD,­ 2139AD,­ 2140AD,­ 2140AP,­ 2141AD,­ 2143AD,­ 2144AD,­2145AD,­ 2145AP,­ 2145EA,­ 2146AD,­ 2146EA,­ 2147AD,­ 2147EA,­ 2148AD,­ 2149AD,­ 2149EA,­2150AD,­ 2150AP,­ 2150US,­ 2151AD,­ 2152D,­ 2153AP,­ 2153EA,­ 2154AP,­ 2155EA,­ 2160US,­2163EA,­ 2164EA,­ 2165EA,­ 2166EA,­ 2167EA,­ 2169EA,­ 2172EA,­ 2173EA,­ 2175EAPresario 2500AP,­ 2500LA,­ 2501AP,­ 2502AP,­ 2503AP,­ 2505AP,­ 2505AP,­ 2505EA,­ 2508EA,­ 2509EA,­2510AP,­ 2510AP,­ 2510EA,­ 2510LA,­ 2511EA,­ 2512EA,­ 2515AP,­ 2515AP,­ 2515EA,­ 2516EA,­2516EA,­ 2520AP,­ 2520AP,­ 2520EA,­ 2520LA,­ 2521EA,­ 2524AP,­ 2525AP,­ 2525CA,­ 2525EA,­2525US,­ 2526EA,­ 2528AP,­ 2528CL,­ 2528EA,­ 2529CL,­ 2529EA,­ 2530AP,­ 2531EA,­ 2532AP,­2532EA,­ 2533EA,­ 2535AP,­ 2535AP,­ 2535QV,­ 2537EA,­ 2538AP,­ 2538CL,­ 2538EA,­ 2539EA,­2540AP,­ 2540AP,­ 2540EA,­ 2541EA,­ 2542EA,­ 2543AP,­ 2545AP,­ 2545AP,­ 2545US,­ 2548AP,­2548EA,­ 2549EA,­ 2550AP,­ 2550CA,­ 2550EA,­ 2555AP,­ 2555AP,­ 2555US,­ 2558AP,­ 2560AP,­2560AP,­ 2562AP,­ 2564AP,­ 2565AP,­ 2565AP,­ 2566AP,­ 2567AP,­ 2568AP OPERATING SYSTEM(S): Microsoft Windows 2000Microsoft Windows XP Home EditionMicrosoft Windows XP Professional LANGUAGE(S): Global FIXES: Changed functionality and assignments for Search and Internet buttons.­ ENHANCEMENTS: Added language support:Czech,­ Hungarian,­ Polish,­ Russian,­ Slovakian,­ Slovenian,­ Turkish.­ PREREQUISITES: N/­A HOW TO USE: 1.­ Download the SoftPaq to a directory on your hard drive.­The file downloaded is a self-extracting executable with a filenamebased on the SoftPaq Number above.­2.­ Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.­Copyright (c) 2003 Hewlett-Packard Company.­ All Rights Reserved.­Compaq and the Compaq logo are trademarks of the Hewlett-Packard Companyin the U.­S.­ and other countries.­All other product names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies.­

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