HP Color LaserJet 3000dn Color LaserJet 4650 Color Tables Emulation firmware download free (ver. 1.­1)

On this page, you can always free download HP Color LaserJet 3000dn Color LaserJet 4650 Color Tables Emulation firmware for Printers.

Color LaserJet 4650 Color Tables Emulation (ver. 1.­1) TGZ released 2006.11.01.

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Category Printers
Brand HP
Device Color LaserJet 3000dn
Operating Systems Linux
Version 1.­1
File size 233 Kb
File type TGZ
Released 2006.11.01
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Color LaserJet 4650 Color Tables Emulation for HP Color LaserJet 3000dn Type: Firmware - Color Tables *************************** I.­ DESCRIPTION *************************** PURPOSE OF THIS README FILE This Readme file provides specific installation instructions and other information you should know before you perform a custom color table upgrade for your Color LaserJet printer.­ Installation instructions are provided for Windows and Macintosh systems.­ This file provides specific installation and troubleshooting information.­ For additional information on the printer features,­ refer to the online user guide found on the Windows Printing System Installer CD-ROM that came with your printer.­ WHAT IS INCLUDED IN A REMOTE CUSTOM COLOR TABLE UPGRADE?­ The CLJ Custom Color Table Remote Upgrade file available from the HP web site contains a custom color table.­ When the Remote Custom Color Table Upgrade file is sent to the printer,­ the printer's custom color table is upgraded.­ The printer's firmware and all paper handling accessory's firmware is not modified.­ TABLES PROVIDED WITH THIS UPDATE clj3000_­clj4650_­1_­1.­rfu -- A simulation of the HP CLJ4650 series printers in their default state.­ Version 1.­1 Files names are constructed as follows: clj####_­{what}_­{ver}.­rfu Where: clj#### is the printer model number the color table is for {what} is a one word description of what the table will do {ver} is a two part version number consisting of a major and minor value ie.­ clj3000_­clj9500_­1_­1.­rfu is an HP CLJ9500 emulation for the clj3000 version 1.­1 Note: Ensure your printer model matches the model described in the filename.­ Note: This update affects both the RGB and CMYK custom slots of your printer While every care was taken to ensure a close match was made during the creation of these tables,­ there are several factors that can affect the outcome of the match including,­ but not limited to,­ differences between printers within and between a given model line the media type used the age and state of both printers being compared the use of non-HP supplies environmental conditions To access the new table,­ be sure to select "Custom Profile" from the RGB and/­or CMYK color options.­ To check if a custom color table is being used,­ refer to the configuration page for a "@" mark next to the "Last DMax/­DHalf:" line under the "Calibration Information" sub-section.­

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